Call Center Speech Analytics

Enhance your service level and increase your sales with real-time speech analytics.

Customer Relations Management is a business strategy to acquire and retain profitable customer relationships.

By monitoring emotional atmosphere within call customer interactions in the call center, the VoiceSense solution offers unique real-time and customer-focused customer relations management. The system points to the most significant customer calls, provides real-time alerts and guidance to the agents and the supervisors and marks specific events for further attention.

Well trained employees is a dominant attribute of companies that provide excellent customer experience. Using VoiceSense analysis for marking significant customer events, enables taking call center training into a new level of effectiveness.

Value proposition

Real-time Customer Experience Monitoring
Proactive responsiveness to customers
Enhanced service quality & control
Improved call center efficiency (FCR)

Customer Retention & Churn Prevention
Highlighting candidates for retention
Enhanced churn prediction modeling
Dissatisfaction ‘root cause analysis’ tools

Customer Profiling & Trends
Tracking overall customer-base dissatisfaction trends
Personalized marketing
Sales–agent assignment, real-time guidance

Human Resources efficiency
Effective tool for optimal agents recruitment

Customer Care Solution Operation

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