HR Predictive Analytics

Changing the way you recruit workers and evaluate employees:

VoiceSense provides an automatic, objective, remote, quick and low cost evaluation of job candidates to the position at hand.

We do that by pointing to the candidate main behavioral and personality tendencies through analysis of their speech.

Initial screening of candidates (immediate job match scores) is achieved by analysis of a telephone interview, a face-to-face interview or a recorded video interview.

An in-depth analysis (complete personality report) is achieved by having the candidate/employee download a smart-phone app for analysis of several calls.

The HR recruiter can define and set the weight of the required qualities for each position, for example - systematic, task oriented, people oriented, determined, initiative, fast, accurate, innovative, cautious, stable and so on.

The candidates would be sorted according to the defined criteria and a general match score will be calculated.

The personality analysis is validated versus widely accepted personality measures such as Big 5 personality inventory and Holland occupational codes. The analysis is language and speaker independent and therefore culturally unbiased.

Using the personality profile, better candidates are hired and better assignment of candidates to specific roles is achieved.

Our Working Profile report provides match scores to specific positions – management, sales, service, R&D, and describes the candidate’s typical working behaviors tendencies.

Overall, hiring costs are significantly lower, due to fast and efficient candidate screening, saving on external evaluation and reducing employee turnover.

Value Proposition:

For recruiting

Automatic candidate sorting by job match score

Personality evaluation for every candidate

Affordable evaluation process (even for low cost jobs)

Minimal time spending for evaluation process

Culturally unbiased

Reducing overall hiring costs

Working profile evaluation for every candidate

For employee management

Improved job assignment

Balanced team building

Training and performance tracking

Creating job profiles

Layoff and retiring assistance

For job seekers

Career Advice

The career advice report is a helpful solution for individuals seeking better understanding of the professions that best match their personality. It is highly suitable for college students who seek assistance with study choices or for any person thinking of a career change and evaluating alternative occupations.

The report is based on the widely used Holland occupational themes instrument.

The report provides analysis of the general personality tendencies, job related strengths and challenges as well as match scores for different job types.

Generating the report is fully automatic, doesn’t require any questionnaire filling and is based on our objective, validated speech personality profiling technology.

After a simple app installation on your smartphone, you continue to make regular calls to friends and family. The calls (your side only) are sent to our servers for analysis. You choose which calls are analyzed and your privacy is always maintained. After approximately ten calls your career match report is generated and accessible for your review.

Value Proposition:

Career match report, strengths and weaknesses for different potential jobs

Improve chances to get the desired job by sharing the reports with potential employers and stand out

User friendly - works on regular smartphone conversations

Automatic and Remote – no administering efforts

HR Solution Operation

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