Enterprise Analytics

Speech Enterprise Analytics Leverage

SEAL is based on personal profiling as well as Group profiling using speech analysis.

Group profiling can provide an end to end BI for an enterprise from different industries like: Banking, Health, Insurance, Telecom and many others.
By analyzing a large amount of interactions of many different people who share a common characteristic (e.g. Integrity, having a similar buying style and so on) and finding their common speech patterns SEAL can create the following Value Proposition for your business:

Finance and Insurance Personalized Risk Assessment

  • • Insurance Claim Prediction
  • • Insurance 'Return to Work' Prediction (after disability)
  • • Loan Default Prediction

  • Personalized Marketing

  • • Online Buying Prediction
  • • Buying Style Prediction
  • • Campaign monitoring

  • Personalized Retention

  • • Churn Prediction
  • • Loyalty Style Prediction
  • • Customer Dissatisfaction Monitoring

  • Personalized Human Resources

  • • Predicting Sales Performance
  • • Predicting Management Performance
  • • Employee Performance Tracking
  • • Employee well-being tracking
  • • Job Match Assessment (Recruitment)

  • Enterprise Solution Operation

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