State of Mind Analysis

VoiceSense State of Mind analytic engine combines personality scales with real-time analysis.
It provides a wider description of the person’s attitude and behavior (beyond their emotions), however it focuses on the current state of the speaker and not on the underlying personality.
While personality represents the person’s general behavioral tendencies, state of mind reflects the person’s current, situational behavior.
Like VoiceSense other speech analytic engines, the state of mind analysis is also language and speaker independent.

The analysis can describe various behavioral tendencies. Typically, it follows certain personality scales but it uses terms that reflect the situational context.
For example, in the audio sample below, the analysis uses five state of mind scales that are extracted from the Big 5 personality instrument.

Each of the scales is related to the following personality tendencies:

  • Outgoing – temperament, activity, assertiveness
  • Cooperative – people orientation, flexibility, sociability
  • Calculated – task orientation, accuracy, details
  • Emotional – emotional responsiveness, sensitivity, tension
  • Open – curiosity, imagination, experience seeking