Risk Management & Sales Conversion

Voicesense predictive analytics seamlessly integrates with your remote customer and risk processes, providing real-time consumer insights including sentiment and behavior analysis, risk assessments, and buying preferences. The powerful tool can also provide actionable predictions for other areas such as fraud, marketing, and customer care.

  • Conversion Probability

  • Risk Management Optimization

  • Sales & Marketing Data

  • Customer Churn Probability

  • background

Conversion Probability

Identify which calls in real-time have the highest conversion probability, either with existing or new customers.
Track the historical trends of existing customers to see when they are more likely to be receptive to acquire/commit to “products” on call.
Allow supervisors to assess positive or negative interactions by reviewing call atmospheres – real-time or post-call tracking.

Risk Management Optimization

Determine risk remotely on any credit request in real time for Credit Risk Assessment.
Use the Voicesense character analysis for Classification and Fraud Detection, allowing you to build bespoke classification on all customers allowing you to better predict and control the call, providing the best agent/customer fit.
Increase your collection stats, while lowering agent work for Debt Collection & Reconciliation.

Sales & Marketing Data

Assess and match remote sales agents’ success to customers’ profile segmentation — providing superior customer management.
Get in-depth insights into the buying preferences, personalities, and behavioral tendencies of your highest and lowest-quality leads, allowing segmentation of your customers.
Know who your premium customers are by using our bespoke conversion prediction, assessing best timing, and potential for conversion, in real time.

Customer Churn Probability

Detect early signs of customer churn probabilities to allow you to take preventive measures.
Monitor behavioral changes and satisfaction levels to optimize your current process and offerings, as well as detect weak links in your customer journey, making sure no customer is missed or overlooked.
Monitor behavior, satisfaction, and upsell/cross-sell probability.
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