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Improving Outcomes Through
Expertise & the Power of Voice

Leveraging our extensive expertise in signal processing, machine learning and AI, we set out to guide companies to better decision making through vocal analysis. Our proprietary technology seamlessly connects common speech patterns with behavioral tendencies, empowering users with real-time interaction guidance and increasing their bottom line.

The Voicesense Difference


Analyze hundreds of voice parameters and create a unique profile of a person’s behavioral tendencies


Accurate predictions in under a minute to inform quick decision making


Patented technology grounded in extensive speech research


Award-winning solution, turning voice into applicable and valuable predictions


Language independent and culturally unbiased analysis

The Voicesense Story

Imagine if you could analyze your daily interactions and within seconds forecast the future behavior of the person you’re talking to.

Our company, born out of a special intelligence unit, is made up of experts in signal processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence who are all passionate about turning voice into smarter decisions. Voicesense uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to blend the fields of psychology, technology and applied behavioral research. Our patented technology links typical speech patterns with behavioral tendencies to provide real-time interaction guidance.

"It's not what you say, but how you say it."

Our analysis is acoustic, not contextual, and therefore language and culture-independent. The technology effectively removes the prejudice and stereotypes from customer profiling and instead evaluates hundreds of highly scientific measurements producing reliable predictions and fine-tuned interaction guidance.

Your audio recordings hold tremendous power. With Voicesense, the library of voice files from your customers drives deep analytics — delivering actionable insights from day 1.

Voicesense Leadership Team

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