Prioritize every interaction and move forward with those likely to pay

Predictive Voice Analytics focuses on the emotions and behaviors of your customer and contact center agents.Converting voice-based emotions and behaviors to data used to predict future outcomes is a powerful tool for progressive collection agencies.

Behavioral Voice Analytics predicts future statistical outcomes, as opposed to transcribing the spoken word to text.

By ignoring individual words and further identifying the emotional behavior and interaction patterns of a customer, collection agencies make dramatic improvements in their performance.

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Predict Behavior

What If you could Instantly identify defaulted customers with the highest probability to repay; without expensive data analytics; without heavy call cadence and deep contact strategies.

You can… with Voicesense.

Use the Power of Acoustics

Identify those who are most likely to pay on their defaulted account.

Give your collection effort purity of focus on the accounts that matter the most.

Reduce Costs

Let us show you how Voicesense reduces the energy and expense toward accounts with the least likelihood of repaying and increases your bottom line.

Give your collection effort purity of focus on the accounts that matter the most.

Reduce Risks

Our predictions assess a customer’s risk based on different behavioral attributes – risk taking tendency, impulsiveness, personal integrity, conscientiousness, rule abiding tendencies, coping, well-being and more.

We provide phone representatives a real-time measurement of the probability of recovering the debt from very low to very high; providing critical in-call guidance for the most effective approach – whether to persistently pursue the unpaid balance or move forward to legal action. Adding acoustic analysis to your collection effort adds no burden to your phone representatives, no increased call cadence, and no change to your contact strategy; all while aligning your efforts on accounts with the highest likelihood of repaying.

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