Mental Health & Wellness

The power to assess your patient or employee’s health and wellness is in their voice.

Voicesense harnesses prosodic acoustic analytics to create an objective, non-invasive (i.e. safe) measuring tool to help screen and monitor behavioral health risks, such as depression.

The remote monitoring tool enables clinicians to receive objective data analysis on every patient, alerting them to concerning changes in typical patterns. Medical providers can schedule follow up appointment or phone calls early with high-risk patients before exacerbations occur.

Employers can utilize the same technology to screen workers for overall health measurements, such as stress, burnout, energy, coping, and engagement.

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Employee Churn Predictor & Wellness Assessment

What if you had early insights into your employee’s general wellness and probability to churn, and could take preemptive action to retain key people?

What if you could glean these insights purely from the sound of your employee’s voice?

Are you listening? Do you know what to listen for?

Employee Satisfaction

Voicesense harnesses the power of Acoustics to help you assess Employee satisfaction and general wellness, and to institute strategies to work through issues.

Reduce Turnover

Employee retention has enormous business ramifications. Each employee departure costs about one-third of that worker's annual earnings. The annual average employee turnover rate continues to rise, eclipsing 44% in most professional and business services.

Gain Insights

Over 45 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs, roughly one in three workers.

Clearly, any insight - especially early and predictive- about Employee retention is an advantage.

Recordings of 60 seconds is all that is required to generate a predictive report that includes a clear indication of an employee’s Churn Probability and General Wellness.

While more than 200 elements of acoustic prosody are used, the report publishes some of the major behaviors and stratifies them with low, moderate, high ratings; or assigns a direct behavioral description where applicable.

These insights can help design and promote specific support from this person’s human resource group and supervisors.

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Mental Health & Wellness Early Detection Screening

What if your employees can give you insight into their wellness, stress control or burnout, purely through the sound of their voice??

Are you listening?

What if you could monitor which employees were becoming affected by stress? At risk for burnout? Or who might be at risk for attrition??

Could you hear it?

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Utilizing Voicesense technology, Corporations and healthcare providers now have an assistant to help assess employee and patient mental health and Wellness -- a critical measurement tool for organizations battling the costs that these debilitating conditions incur.

Find Unseen Outliers

Close to 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide -- often leading to absenteeism and lost productivity. Screening for these conditions has been challenging; and predicting who may be at risk, or what additional external factors may cause undo stress, has been difficult

Smart Intelligence

Voicesense has married AI and Machine Learning to the objective measurements and attributes of Voice. Using highly calibrated algorithms, they are able to predict behavior and help provide wellness and health screening.

Backed by Clinical Studies, Voicesense technology is safe, objective, non-invasive and non-biased.

Organizations and Insurance companies now have access to our affordable, accurate, wellness and behavioral health screening tool.

It’s easy to use. An individual simply speaks into their phone and a rapid wellness and behavioral health report is returned that uses objective data instead of subjective self-reporting or paper quizzes.

We typically require only 60 seconds of speech to make an accurate analysis report that predicts risk of: Depression; Attrition; and Burnout. As well as providing measurements of: General well being; Stress; Energy level; Emotional state; Coping ability; and Social state.

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