Risk Management

Smarter loan decisions and Improved risk management

Institutions use probability of default models to proactively mitigate “bad” loans. But collecting information from potential customers and curating data from multiple sources is a detailed and cumbersome task made even more difficult by a process that is often irregular, with individual lenders and analysts making nuanced changes, which introduces risk.

The advent of Behavioral Predictive Voice Analytics grants progressive institutions the capability to predict potential future losses in borrowers at the top of the application process.

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Loan Default Predict

You know how to underwrite your applicant. How to evaluate creditworthiness. How to estimate and manage defaults.

Time, human capital, credit report fees and underwriting algorithms are required – all completed during or after a lengthy conversation with a prospect. What if you could forecast your applicants’ default probability using only their voice?

You can… with Voicesense.

Save Time

Predicting your applicants default risk ahead of time means: your phone representatives save time.

Reduce Costs

Your underwriters spend less time looking at bad loans; And you save money and make better lending decisions at the top of the sales funnel.

Reduce Risks

Let us show you how Voicesense intelligently projects your applicant’s commitment to repay - on the first call, in seconds, allowing you to filter and route before investing in applications, credit reports and underwriting resources.

The Voicesense Loan Default Predictor assesses a customer’s risk stratification based on different behavioral tendencies – risk taking tendency, impulsiveness, personal integrity, conscientiousness, rule abiding tendencies, coping, well-being and more.

We provide phone representatives a real-time measurement of the probability of recovering the debt from very low to very high; providing critical in-call guidance for the most effective approach – whether to persistently pursue the unpaid balance or move forward to legal action. Adding acoustic analysis to your collection effort adds no burden to your phone representatives, no increased call cadence, and no change to your contact strategy; all while aligning your efforts on accounts with the highest likelihood of repaying.

This patented technology has now been used by major financial institutions across multiple continents. Adding acoustic analysis as a pre-qualifying tool at the top of your sales funnel adds no burden to your sales or underwriting staff while making better lending decisions.

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