Talent Recruiting and Retention

Speech analysis as a hiring assessment tool.

Imagine trying to analyze voices of potential candidates from different parts of the world, who speak different languages, with unique dialects and accents—seems like a hard task…but not for Voicesense.

Predictive Behavioral Voice Analytics streamlines the recruitment process by automatically screening applicant interviews and objectively identifying top candidates. The non-content features of speech, such as intonation, pace, emphasis—the “music” of an applicant’s voice—is analyzed and behavioral models then create a job match score and sophisticated working profile report of each candidate’s tendencies.

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Employee Churn Predictor

What if you had early insights into your employee’s general wellness and probability to churn, and could take preemptive action to retain key people?

What if you could glean these insights purely from the sound of your employee’s voice?

Are you listening? Do you know what to listen for?

Employee Satisfaction

Voicesense harnesses the power of Acoustics to help you assess Employee satisfaction and general wellness, and to institute strategies to work through issues.

Reduce Turnover

Employee retention has enormous business ramifications. Each employee departure costs about one-third of that worker's annual earnings. The annual average employee turnover rate continues to rise, eclipsing 44% in most professional and business services.

Gain Insights

Over 45 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs, roughly one in three workers.

Clearly, any insight - especially early and predictive- about Employee retention is an advantage.

Recordings of 60 seconds is all that is required to generate a predictive report that includes a clear indication of an employee’s Churn Probability and General Wellness.

While more than 200 elements of acoustic prosody are used, the report publishes some of the major behaviors and stratifies them with low, moderate, high ratings; or assigns a direct behavioral description where applicable.

These insights can help design and promote specific support from this person’s human resource group and supervisors.

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Candidate Success Predictor

What if you could hire candidates with the highest probability to succeed for a specific role, by simply analyzing their voice?

What if …job and culture “fit” assessment was available to your Recruiters after just seconds of the first interview or screening phone call?

Focus on the Candidate

Voicesense enables talent sourcers to liberate your hiring teams from the tactical screening process. Our acoustic analytics empowers your recruiters to do their most valuable work by focusing on the candidates that matter the most- making hiring more intelligent.

Screening Made Easy

Our patented technology is calibrated to specific interaction patterns, personalities and behaviors that can be used to accurately screen your candidates early in the hiring process.

Gain Valuable Insights

Voicesense provides language independent, un-biased, objective pre-screening data that allows talent sourcers to focus their time and attention on those candidates most likely to succeed.

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