Predictive Analytics for Healthcare

VoiceSense health solutions are focused on the mental state of the user, by ongoing tracking of his speech patterns within smart-phone interactions.

Using our innovative speaker and language independent speech analysis engines, we are able to provide indications of the user’s current emotions and state of mind as well as to characterize the user’s typical speech and personality tendencies.

Accumulating these indications over time enables us to offer daily, weekly or monthly reports of the user’s dominant emotions and state of mind characteristics and to detect periodical changes of these characteristics over time.

Moreover, after learning the unique speech patterns of the user, the analysis can identify changes that are related to special health conditions such as depression, anxiety, tension and more.

These capabilities enable revolutionary tools for preventive and community mental health practice as follows:

  • · Mental Health Tracking
  • · Well-being tracking
  • · Elderly monitoring
  • · Population Health and Wellness statistics and Risk Groups

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