Personality Profiling

VoiceSense offers an innovative approach to personality classification. By exploring the typical speech patterns of an individual, we are able to point to many characteristic behavioral tendencies of the person.

Personality is one of the exciting themes in Psychology. Since ancient times, across cultures and throughout the centuries, philosophers and scientists were fascinated by the concept of classifying people into certain groups, based upon their characteristic behaviors.

Personality classification is widely used today in many fields including psychology, medicine, education, human resources, sales, training, advertising and more. Nevertheless, measuring personality is complex and often biased as it relies heavily on subjective measures such as questionnaires, projective tools or personal evaluation.

Speech patterns, on the other hand, are objective physiological measures of the person's voice.

By using speech analysis, VoiceSense offers objective measurement of personality tendencies.

VoiceSense speech personality engine classifies the typical speech patterns into distinctive personality styles. These styles reflect the manners by which an individual tends to speak, to sound and to be perceived by others.

VoiceSense validates it’s personality classification versus widely known personality instruments, such as the Big 5 personality inventory, the Holland occupational themes and more. We also use empirical criterion based measures, such as predicting sales people success versus their actual sales results.