Meet The Team

Yoav Degani - Founder & CEO

Yoav's background combines several areas of interest: He is a Clinical Psychologist with private and public practice experience. Yet, he spent most of his career (over 25 years) in design and development of software systems in the fields of electronic intelligence and speech analytics. Yoav holds an MA degree in Clinical Psychology and a BA degree in Psychology and Education both from Tel-Aviv University.


Aharon (Rony) Shapira - Co-Founder

Rony is a technology industry veteran with extensive experience (over 30 years) in developing and training in military and industrial environments, and in technical management of industrial systems. BSEE Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude (Technion, Haifa), M.Sc in Computer Science (Weizmann Institute of Science). Rony is also the co-founder of several other companies in the fields of industrial and bio-medical engineering.


Yishai Zamir - Co-Founder

Yishai has over 30 years of working experience in software and systems development in the fields of electronic intelligence, semiconductors and speech analytics. Main expertise was gained in the development of sophisticated signal processing algorithms.


Pinhas Reich - VP Marketing

Pinhas has over 25 years of Global sales, marketing and business development experience in different industries starting from Telecom through security and data/packets analysis for the professional and the consumer markets. During his career Pinhas gained broad experience working for Global organizations in developed and developing markets. Pinhas holds a BSC degree in Electrical Engineering (Technion, Haifa) and MSc degree in Business Administration (Jerusalem University).


Amit Klein - Development Manager

Amit's background combines two areas of interest, computer-science and musicology. He has over 15 years of working experience in software and systems development in the fields of telephony, audio and signal processing. Amit holds a PhD in musicology (summa cum-laude) from Bar-Ilan University, he received the Young Scholar Award of the Israel Musicological Society, and has published several articles on Cantorial music in journals and books. He also combined his computer and music knowledge in practical software for audio spectral analysis, audio codec conversion, music-therapy and other applications.


Yossi Kowalski - Regional Sales Manager

Yossi has over 25 years experience in directing and coordinating marketing activities and policies, mostly in Retail Commerce. B.A in Political Science and Labor Studies. Management Studies, Tel Aviv University.